Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books

Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books for Beginners and Professional

In this article, I list the Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books for Beginners and Professional Traders. Books are the best friend of learners and the first mode of learning new things, and nothing can beat books when it comes to educating. This is why most experienced professional traders recommend reading books to learn the Candlestick Chart.

Combining the best Candlestick Pattern books along with articles, tutorials, and videos, you will get an excellent path to learning the Candlestick Chart. Some books give an overview of various Candlestick concepts, and some other Trading books go into the depth of each Candlestick concept.

There are hundreds and thousands of Candlestick Pattern books available on Amazon, the Internet, or any other e-commerce site. As a beginner, you might be confused about choosing the right book to start learning Candlestick Trading. Here, we are giving you the list of Candlestick Trading Books based on the experience of Learners and Professional Traders. If you still haven’t put together your reading list for 2021, we’re here to help with our choice of the best-recommended books for Candlestick Chart Analysis.

1. How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts

This book intends to make the reader a master in his trade, provided he follows the explained concepts of candlestick trading effectively. The Japanese have practiced candlestick techniques in trading and candle signals for over four centuries to fill their treasuries. Refined and revised over the course of time, these signals are now utilized all over the world for trading in financial markets, stocks, and derivatives.

The book helps the reader understand and apply this technique to make money. It starts with explaining the types of candle signals and techniques to identify and utilize them. Every candle formation reflects underlying market psychology lucidly explained by the book. Taking advantage of high-probability trades, the book explains how one can accurately combine candlestick signals with Western technical analysis for generating explosive profits and cutting losses.

In addition, the book also discusses how the candlestick technique builds a simple mechanical trading system and eliminates emotional interference, gluttony, and panic. Besides clearing concepts of candlestick charts and signals, the book offers market-tested trading ideas and some Do’s and Don’ts in business, straight from the author’s experience.

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Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books for Beginners and Professional Traders

2. The Candlestick Course

Expert instruction on the practical applications of candlestick charting

Candlestick charting is more popular than ever before, with a legion of new traders and investors being introduced to the concept by some of today’s hottest investment gurus. Having introduced the candlestick technique to the West through two of his bestselling books, Steve Nison is regarded as a luminary in the field of candlestick charting. In his new venture, The Candlestick Course, Nison explains varying complex patterns and tests the reader’s knowledge with quizzes, Q&As, and intensive examples. Inaccessible and easy-to-understand language, this book offers expert instruction on the practical applications of candlestick charting to give every level of investor a complete understanding of this proven, profitable, and time-tested investing technique. Straightforward answers quickly clarify this easy-to-use charting method. This guide will allow readers to recognize and implement various candlestick patterns and lines in today’s real-world trading environment–giving them a noticeable edge in their trading activities.

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Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books for Beginners

3. Don’t Trade Before Learning These 14 Candlestick Patterns

Some patterns in the price movements of stocks constantly replicate. Studying these patterns helps predict the future direction of prices, and it is called candlestick analysis.

ADVANTAGES OF CANDLESTICK ANALYSIS: If you learn to read candlestick charts, you will be able to assess the market condition correctly and make the right decisions at the right time, and you will be more likely to make your fortunes in trading.

WHAT DOES THIS BOOK DO FOR YOU? This book teaches from basics to advanced techniques in candlestick trading, which will help newbies to learn and experts to brush up and make money consistently in trading financial instruments like stocks, indexes, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

CONTENTS OF THE BOOK: The author has chosen for this book 14 candlestick patterns, which, as per some studies, provide traders with over 85% of trade opportunities emanating from candlesticks trading and a win ratio of 80%.

THE BOOK IS DIVIDED INTO TWO PARTS: PART I explains the anatomy and body language of a candlestick. PART II guides how to spot the patterns immediately on their occurrence, interpret them, and make buy-sell decisions based on their signals. This book covers everything a trader needs to know about candlesticks trading, and the reader can, therefore, be sure that reading this book will enhance his trading skill and fetch a high win percentage.

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Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books

4. Candlestick Charting For Dummies

Want to gain a trading edge with candlestick charts? I find them a little confusing. No worries! Candlestick Charting For Dummies sheds light on this time-tested method for finding the perfect moment to buy or sell. It demystifies technical and chart analysis and gives you the tools to identify trading patterns — and pounce!

This friendly, practical guide explains candlestick charting and technical analysis in plain English. In no time, you’ll be working with common candlestick patterns, analyzing trading patterns, predicting market behavior, and making your smartest trades ever. You’ll discover candlestick’s advantages over other charting methods and learn the secrets of combining it with other technical indicators. You’ll also learn different ways to display and interpret price action, including trend lines, support levels, resistance levels, moving averages, and complex indicators. Discover how to:

  1. Construct candlestick charts
  2. Identify and interpret basic patterns
  3. Trade-in bull and bear markets
  4. Work with complex patterns and indicators
  5. Avoid False signals
  6. Understand the components of market activity
  7. Deal with bullish or bearish single-stick, two-stick, and multi-stick patterns
  8. Identify and interpret complex patterns
  9. Use indicators to determine the market
  10. Outperform the market in any conditions

Don’t know whether to grab the bull by the horns or just grin and bear it? Read Candlestick Charting For Dummies and get it right the first time

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Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books

5. The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns

A candlestick is a type of chart used in trading as a visual representation of past and current price action in specified time frames. Depending on the time frame of the chart, each candlestick consists of a minute, a day, a week, or a month trading range. On an intraday chart, a candle might represent periods of time like 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, or one hour. A daily shows candles that represent each day’s trading range. A weekly chart shows candles that represent each week’s trading range. A monthly chart shows candles that represent each month’s trading range. Note that during the day, a daily candle will change as the range changes and the price reaches a final closing price. Similarly, during the week and in the middle of the month, the candles in those time frames are still changing and are not finalized until their time frame closes. At the end of the day, week, or month, the candle for that time period is finalized.

A candlestick consists of the body with an upper or lower wick or shadow. Most candlestick charts show a higher close than the open as either a green or white candle. The opening price is the bottom of the candle, and the closing price is the high of the candle. Also, most candlestick charts show a lower close than the open, represented as a red or black candle, with the opening price as the top of the candle body and the closing price as the low of the candle body. …and much more!

By the time you finish this book, I think you’ll agree that candlesticks are the best charts for most traders to use for trading price action patterns.

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The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns

6. Candlestick Patterns for Beginners

Candlestick patterns are very popular in trading and investing. They can be life-changing if used correctly. The challenge is people have emphasized memorizing the names of candlesticks rather than the cause and market behavior that results in them. Consequently, the results may make traders feel that knowing candlestick patterns is useless. The truth is they are helpful if appropriately understood.

This book explains all candlestick patterns for complete beginners. Focus is put on the cause and market behavior that results in patterns. The names are also given according to conventional technical analysis. The book also teaches the practical application of candlestick pattern knowledge. It also sheds light on strategies in which the candlestick patterns are an effective tool and how they can be used to attain great trading results.

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Candlestick Patterns for Beginners

7. 21 Candlesticks Every Trader Should Know

Learn the 21 key candles, and you should improve your trading performance no matter if your time frame is several weeks or several hours. One could easily ask, why do candlesticks continue to gain such power in the market? The answer can be found in the clear and straightforward nature of the candlesticks themselves–offering traders the ability to see the bigger picture. Continuation patterns, reversal patterns, emerging trends, bottom and tops–all these insights manifest in a way other charting systems can’t compete with. And from nearly 100 charts, Dr. Pasternak has chosen the 21 most important ones.

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21 Candlesticks Every Trader Should Know

8. Candlestick Charting Explained: Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Sutures

Shows you candlestick charting, one of the most popular tools in technical analysis. Featuring charts and analysis, this work presents material on integrating Western charting analysis with Japanese candlestick analysis, grouping Candlesticks into families, detecting and avoiding false signals, and more.

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Candlestick Charting Explained: Timeless Techniques for Trading stocks and Sutures

Here, in this article, I provided the list of Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books for Beginners and Professionals and I hope this Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books for Beginners and Professional article will help you with your needs and you enjoy this Most Recommended Candlestick Trading Books for Beginners and Professional article.

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