BTST Trading Strategy

BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) TRADING STRATEGY

In this article, I will discuss the BTST Trading Strategy (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow) in detail. Please read our previous article discussing the Relative Strength Index Trading Strategy. This article will cover the complete details about the BTST (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow) TRADING STRATEGY as follows:

  1. Price Action-Based Strategy
  2. A clear rules-based system with defined Entry, Target & Stop Loss
  3. Clear rules for stock picks tell clearly which stock to Trade
WHAT is BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) Trading Strategy?

BTST (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow) is a method that allows customers to sell shares before they are credited into a Demat account or take the delivery of shares. The reverse of BTST is called STBT, i.e., Sell Today, Buy Tomorrow.

It’s a popular trading strategy in the stock market where a trader buys shares one day and sells them the next day. This strategy is used to capitalize on expected overnight price movements in the stock market. Here’s how it generally works:

  • Market Research: Traders conduct research to identify stocks likely to experience positive overnight price movements. This research is based on technical analysis, market trends, news, or other relevant factors.
  • Buying Shares: On the trading day (Day 1), the trader purchases shares of the chosen stock during regular market hours.
  • Holding Overnight: The trader holds onto these shares overnight, betting on the expectation that the stock price will increase by the next day.
  • Selling Shares: On the following day (Day 2), the trader sells the shares, ideally at a higher price than the purchase price. This sale is also executed during regular market hours.
  • Profit or Loss: The difference between the buying and selling price, minus any transaction costs, determines the trader’s profit or loss.
Advantages of BTST Trading:
  • Opportunity for Quick Gains: Since the holding period is very short, traders can make quick profits if their predictions are accurate.
  • Capitalizing on Overnight News or Events: This strategy can be particularly effective in reacting to after-hours news or events that may positively impact the stock price.
Risks and Considerations:
  • Market Volatility: Prices can fluctuate unexpectedly overnight, leading to losses.
  • Limited Research Time: Decisions must be made quickly, often with limited information.
  • Additional Costs: Some markets may have higher transaction costs for short-term trades.

Traders need to thoroughly research and understand the risks involved in BTST trading. It’s not suitable for all investors, especially those with a low tolerance for risk or a limited understanding of the stock market.

Strategy for BTST trading
Change of Guard (COG)

LOGIC. Change the direction of the MINOR move

For more information, read Candlestick Pattern Analysis


  • Pullback Reversal from the support level
  • Trend reversal from the demand zone
Criteria for long
  1. Previous day red candle should be small
  2. Price at the clear support level
  3. Next green candle(current t day) price closed above the red candle(previous day)

BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) TRADING STRATEGY WHAT is BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) Trading Strategy? BTST Trading Strategy Advantages

BTST Trading Strategy Disadvantages

Breakout Strategy

Here, I discussed the Breakout Trading Strategy. read as logic and condition all are the same. Just move to a daily time frame.

  • Price should close below clean support and above the resistance level
  • More condition. Go through the above article

Breakout strategy

Strategy for BTST trading Breakout strategy

Stock Selection Conditions for both BTST Trading Strategy

We will study the following parameters to select stock

  • Attempted Direction (Up, Down, Sideways) or intraday structure
  • Volume Generated (High, Low, Unchanged)
  • Closing swing and volume
  • Data(future and option)

By studying the above factors, we can get a tight grip on what the smart money was trying to achieve and whether that attempt was successful. And Possibly the trend for the next day

Internal structure

Attempted Direction (Up, Down, Sideways)

Stock selection condition for both BTST Trading Strategy

Only select those stocks whose intraday structure is either trending up or down.

Opening range and follow-through

Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Trading Strategy Stock selection condition for BTST strategy

Select those stocks whose opening range got a breakout and follow through

  • Suppose the market closes with an extremely unusual discount (closing at a day low) OR excess premium (closing at a day high). In that case, it gives the trader a loud and clear signal that continuation is likely the next day.
  • The last SWING or closing swing often tells the truth about how strong a trend truly is. “Smart money “shows its presence in the last SWING or closing swing, continuing to mark positions in their favor. If a market has strong closes (closing at a day high), look for an up-trend to continue.
  • High volume on the close swing implies continuation the next morning in the direction of the closing swing.


Future open interest

2) Increase in open interest with an increase in price during the last swing of the trading day. It shows the strength of the trend

Option data
  1. Long buildup or short buildup
  2. Avoid short covering or long liquidation move

Note-check the option chain video for option chain analysis, or you can read it here.

Next support and resistance level
  1. Where is immediate support and resistance or supply and demand zone by technical analysis
  2. Options support and resistance level
Stock selection condition for BTST strategy
  2. Today’s price is trading above the previous day’s high(for a long)
  3. Trending internal structure
  4. The last swing must be trending and close at the day high (for a long)
  5. Last swing volume and open interest increasing,
  6. Technical analysis and Options data suggest no nearby support or resistance level.
Odd enhancer

Identify what the general market or index is doing.

  1. Trending
  2. At support or resistance zone

First, Identify the support and resistance zones in the index (nifty). If markets closed near the support zone, I would know to look for opportunities to buy the next day as the price was likely to rally from that support zone

Sector selection

look at chart sectors to find some also trading near the support zone, as those sectors would likely rally from that support zone with the index (nifty ) market the following day. Out of the few sectors, I would always find one or two that were set up very well with the broad market (index).

  1. If the index is bullish, select a strong sector for BTST
News stock


Check history
  • CHECK the history of the stock and find whether the stock can move on consecutive strong days. if yes, then select

Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Trading Strategy

  • If the stock opens with an open high or open low
  • Add confidence if open with open low or open high
  • Most of the time, these scripts are opened the next day with a gap up .profit should be booked within 5-10 minutes in the next session.
  • If the price moves strongly from the open in the direction of your entry, you can trail your stop loss.
  • If the market closes with a strong premium (closing at a day high) but opens weak (gap down)the next morning, the odds favor that the first move will be to the upside to test the previous day’s high(fill the gap). If the market closes weak, and the futures close with a discount (close at the day low), yet the market gaps up the following morning, the first move should be a retest down to attempt to fill the gap.
  • Suppose the price is a gap down (you took BTST).YOU can exit immediately or wait for the opening range and place sop loss or wait for the first five-minute candle and place stop loss. It totally depends on your risk.
  • After 3:15 pm

In the next article, I will discuss Technical Analysis in Trading. In this article, I try to explain the BTST Trading Strategy (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow). I hope you enjoy this article about the BTST Trading Strategy (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow). Please join my Telegram Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Group to learn more and clear your doubts.

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