ASP.NET Web API Tutorial For Begineers and Professionals

ASP.NET Web API Tutorials For Begineers and Professionals

ASP.NET Web API Tutorials

In this ASP.NET Web API Tutorials series, I covered all the features of ASP.NET Web API. You will learn from basic to advance level features of ASP.NET Web API. The term API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and ASP.NET Web API is a framework provided by Microsoft which makes it easy to build Web APIs, i.e. it is used to develop HTTP-based web services on the top of .NET Framework.

Today, a web-based application is not enough to reach all its customers or users. Now a day, Peoples become very smart that means they are using iPhone, mobile, tablets, etc. devices in their daily life. These devices are having a lot of useful apps for making their life easy. Actually,  in simple words, we can say that we are moving from the web towards the apps world.

So, if we like to expose our service data to the browsers as well as to all these modern device apps in a fast, secure, and simple way, we should have an API that is compatible with all browsers as well as all these modern days devices.

Why We Need ASP.NET Web API?

The ASP.NET Web API is a great framework provided by Microsoft for building HTTP services that can be consumed by a broad range of clients including browsers, mobiles, iPhones, and tablets, etc.  Moreover, ASP.NET Web API is an open-source and ideal platform for building REST-full services over the .NET Framework.

These sets of articles are suitable for beginners as well as experienced ASP.NET Web API developers who want to learn ASP.NET Web API from scratch with real-time examples.

The articles start from the very basics of ASP.NET Web API and cover advanced concepts as we progress. If you are confident with the concepts that are going to discuss here, I am sure, you will be in a much better position to answer most of the interview questions as well as you can develop any real-time applications using ASP.NET Web API.

What is ASP.NET Web API?

The ASP.NET Web API is a framework, provided by Microsoft, which makes it easy to build Web APIs, i.e. HTTP based services. The ASP.NET Web API is an ideal platform for building Restful services on top of the .NET Framework. These Web API services can be consumed by a variety of clients such as

  1. Browsers
  2. Mobile applications
  3. Desktop applications
  4. IOTs, etc.
What you will learn from these Web API Tutorials?

In this ASP.NET Web API Tutorials article serious, you are going to learn ASP.NET Web API Framework from basics to advance level concepts such as Routing, CORS, HMAC, Security, Token-Based Authentication, API Versioning, etc. I hope this article series will help you with your need. I would like to have your feedback. Please post your feedback, question, or comments about this article series.


To gain the advantage of these ASP.NET Web API Tutorials, basic knowledge of .Net Framework 3.5/4.5, C#, SQL Server, and Visual Studio is required. If you have some knowledge of Restful services then it will be an added advantage for you. If you don’t then don’t worry we will explain each concept in detail.

Note: If we missed any concept of ASP.NET Web API, then please let us know by giving a comment in the comment box and we promise as soon as possible we will make an article and published it in this course.


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