How to Become a Successful Trader

How to Become a Successful Trader?

We have created 100 videos and articles on trading and our aim is to provide quality knowledge to you without any cost. If you follow the below, then definitely you will become a successful trader.

Introduction to this Price Action Trading Course

The Trading Course is designed by Learn to Trade Team. Nowadays trading and investments Knowledge is vital in the contemporary world for day-to-day human existence, to get success and career growth for individuals, students, professionals, and organizations to lead a happy and peaceful life.

We have organized in a systematic way. Start from basic to advanced knowledge. So please go through this course as per the below sequence and become a successful trader.

Technical Analysis Course in Hindi

In this series, we have covered the below topics in-depth

  1. What is Technical Analysis?
  2. The basic assumption of Technical Analysis
  3. Rules for trend
  4. Application of Technical Analysis
  5. What is the market structure?
  6. Principles of Market Structure
  7. Elements of the Market structure
  8. What is the swing?
  9. Types of swing Why Swing points are important?
  10. Chart reading through the swing
  11. 4 Important facts that affect the swing

Following are the YouTube links:

Supply and Demand Trading Course in Hindi

In this series, we have covered the below topics in-depth

  1. Structure of the market
  2. What is the supply-demand zone?
  3. How to measure the strength of the zone?
  4. When did the supply and demand zone break?
  5. Why does the market return to the supply and demand zone?
  6. Why trade from the supply and demand zone?
  7. Which supply or demand zone reject the price
  8. Good zone vs bad zone
  9. Price action at supply and demand zone for confirmation
  10. How to find supply and demand zone
  11. How to draw supply and demand zone
  12. How to trade with supply and demand zone

Following are the YouTube links:

Support and Resistance Trading Course in Hindi

In this series, we have covered the following topics in-depth

  1. What are support and resistance?
  2. How to Trade with Support and Resistance?
  3. The psychology behind support and resistance
  4. Support resistance level vs zone
  5. Types of support and resistance
  6. Multi time frame support and resistance
  7. Where support and resistance formed?
  8. Strength of support and resistance
  9. When support and resistance break?

Following are the YouTube links:

Trendline Trading Course in Hindi
  1. The importance of drawing lines over your charts.
  4. How to Determine the Significance of a Trendline Trading Strategy
  5. The trend channel
  6. Use of trendlines Trading Strategy
  7. How to entry based on trend line?

how to draw trend line correctly rules of trend line drawing adjusting new trendline 5 most mistake of drawing trend line different trendline trading strategy trend trading using trendline breakout trading strategy trend line reversal trading strategy.

Multiple Timeframe Analysis Course in Hindi
  1. What is multiple timeframe analysis?
  2. Understanding the trend with multiple timeframe analysis
  3. How to use multiple time frames in trading
  4. Advantages of multiple timeframe analysis
Candlestick Trading Course in Hindi
  1. What is a candlestick?
  2. The 6 principles for analyzing candlestick
  3. Understanding candlestick
  4. How to read candlestick?
  5. How to read a chart using a candlestick?
  6. How to find an opportunity using candlestick?
  7. Advanced Candlestick Analysis
  8. What price action validates the resistance/support level?
  9. What price action disconfirms the resistance/support level?

Following are the YouTube links:


Price Action Trading Course in Hindi
  1. What is Price Action Analysis?
  2. Understanding the advanced features of CANDLESTICK
  3. What is high and low?
  4. What is the swing high and swing low?
  5. Criteria for drawing swing high and swing low
  6. Types of swing high
  7. Strength and Weakness of Trend through Analysis Swing.
  8. Thrust and pullback analysis
  9. Measuring move
  10. Volume and price analysis

Following are the YouTube links:

Volume Price Action Trading Course in Hindi
  1. What is Volume in Trading?
  2. What is Stock Volume Analysis in Trading?
  3. Understanding Volume Analysis in Trading
  4. 3 fundamental Rules of volume analysis
  5. Understanding Market Structure through Volume Swing Analysis
  6. Strength and weakness of swing through volume price action analysis
  7. How to analyze volume in trading
  8. What is volume spread analysis?
  9. How to use volume spread analysis in trading?
  10. Market structure with respect to volume spread analysis
  11. Volume spread analysis
  12. Selling climax
  13. Stopping volume
  14. How to trade based on selling climax and stopping volume?
  15. The Shakeout
  16. Stop hunting
  17. Outside Reversal Pattern

Following are the YouTube links:

Chart Pattern Trading in Hindi

Here are 7 chart patterns every trader needs to know.

  1. Head and shoulders
  2. Double top and Double bottom
  3. Rounding bottom
  4. Cup and handle
  5. Wedges
  6. Pennant or flags
  7. Ascending Triangle and Descending triangle and Symmetrical triangle

Following are the YouTube links:

Intraday trading course in Hindi
  1. Index
  2. Context
  3. Previous day activity
  4. Next support and resistance
  5. Area of opportunity
  6. Possible entry price action
  7. Index (if you trade in index stock)
Trading Strategies
  1. Opening Range Trading Strategy
  2. Opening Range Breakout
  3. VWAP Trading
  4. Gap Trading Strategy
  5. Intraday Open High Open Low Trading Strategy
  6. PIN BAR Trading Strategy
  7. Pullback Trading Strategy
  8. Fibonacci Retracement Strategy
  9. False breakout trading strategy
  10. Momentum trading strategy
  11. Intraday Breakout Trading Strategy

Following are the YouTube links:

Swing trading course in Hindi

Once you complete the above course, then definitely you will become a successful trader. Here, in this article, I just give an overview of How to become a successful trader and I hope you enjoy this article. Please join my Telegram Channel and YouTube Channel as well as my Facebook Group to learn more and clear your doubts.

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