JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners and Professionals

JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners and Professionals

JavaScript Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Here, we are starting a series of JavaScript articles. In this JavaScript Tutorial series, we are going to cover all the features of JavaScript. You will learn from the basic to advance level features of JavaScript as we progress in these JavaScript Tutorials. 

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most popular and used programming languages in the world. It is a lightweight, interpreted, open, and cross-platform programming language. JavaScript is a complete object-based scripting language produced by Netscape for use within HTML documents and enables interactions with web pages in various unique ways.

JavaScript became an independent language with its own specification called ECMAScript, which is an implementation of ECMAScript standard.

For whom?

This JavaScript tutorial is designed for beginners as well as professionals developers who want to learn Javascript from scratch or who want to enlarge their skills in JavaScript. Here, we provide a hands-on approach to the subject with step-by-step program examples that will assist you to learn JavaScript and put the acquired knowledge into practice.

What do we expect from you?

We will do our level best to cover all the JavaScript related concepts, but in the meantime, if you have any specific concept in your mind that you want us to cover, then please leave it as a comment on the comment box, and we will definitely discuss that concept(s) in this JavaScript Tutorials course.

What JavaScript Can do For us?

JavaScript is basically used to make the web pages dynamic, interactive, and also add special effects on a page such as a rollover, rollout, and many graphics. such as

  1. Used to insert dynamic text into the HTML (ex: Name, Address, etc.)
  2. react to events (for example, load the page only when the user click on a button)
  3. JavaScript is also used to fetch the information of the user’s computer such as which browser the user using.
  4. It is also used to perform some calculations on the user’s machine such as validating the user input.
  5. Animated/dynamic drop-down menus
  6. Displaying clock, date, and time
  7. Get and set cookies, ask questions to the visitor, show messages.
  8. Remember the data/info on the client-side (“local storage”).

To gain most of the advantages of these JavaScript Tutorials, some or little knowledge of HTML is required but it is not mandatory as we are going to discuss everything from scratch.

About the Author:

Shagufta Chaudhari is a Technical Lead | Full Stack developer | Freelancer | Technical Author | .Net | .Net Core | HTML5 | Bootstrap | Angular Expert | SQL Server.

Finally, your valuable feedback is important and means a lot to us. So, if you have a few minutes, then please let us know your thoughts and feedback on this JavaScript Tutorials course. Please join our Telegram Channel to learn more and clear your doubts about JavaScript. Also, join our JavaScript Facebook Group to learn and share your thoughts on JavaScript.

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      Yes sure those are in will sure receive the concept..thanks for showing interest in the article.

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