Download and Install Postman and Fiddler

How to Download and Install Postman and Fiddler

In this article, I will discuss How to Download and Install Postman and Fiddler. Please read our previous article, which discusses downloading and installing SSMS on the Windows operating system.

What is Postman?

The Postman is the most popular and most powerful HTTP client for testing restful web services. Postman makes it easy to test the Restful Web APIs and develop and document Restful APIs by allowing users to assemble simple and complex HTTP requests quickly. The Postman is available as both a Google Chrome in-browser app and a Google Chrome Packaged App.

The packaged app version of Postman provides many advanced features, including OAuth 2.0 support and bulk uploading/importing that are not available with the Google Chrome in-browser app version. The in-browser version includes a few features, such as session cookies support, that are not yet available in the packaged app version.

Downloading and Installing Postman:

At some point, we will work with the Web API, i.e., Restful Web Services. We also need one Web API client tool. In this course, we will use Postman and Fiddler for the client tool. To install Postman, please visit the link below.

Once you click the above link, it will open the webpage below. From the below page, click on the Download the App link to download Postman on your machine. Depending upon your operating system, you can choose either 32-bit or 64-bit. I have installed a 64-bit operating system, so I chose Windows 64-bit, as shown in the image below.

Downloading and Installing Postman

Once you download it, then install it. A postman is an API tool. Postman provides a complete and nice interface to work with APIs. While installing, it will ask you to sign in using your Gmail Credentials. Later. I will show you how to use Postman with ASP.NET Core Web API.

Downloading and Installing Fiddler:

Fiddler is a free debugging proxy tool for testing restful web services. We can use Fiddler to compose and execute different HTTP requests for our web API and check the HTTP response.

Let’s see how Fiddler can send an HTTP request to our local ASP.NET Web API Services and check the response. Download and install Fiddler from the following URL.

Once you visit the above website, it will ask you for what purpose you want to use Fiddler, your Email ID, and the country, as shown in the below image. Once you provide this information, click on the Download button as shown in the below image,

Downloading and Installing Fiddler

Once you download Fiddler, then install it. Later, I will show you how to use Fiddler to capture the request and response.

In the next article, I will discuss the .NET Core vs. .NET Framework Code Execution Process. In this article, I try to explain how to download and install Postman and Fiddler. I hope you enjoy this Download and Install Postman and Fiddler article.

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