Single Page Applications with ReactJS

Building Single Page Applications (SPAs) with ReactJS:

In this article, I am going to discuss Building Single Page Applications (SPAs) with ReactJS. Please read our previous article where we discussed Why ReactJS Instead of JavaScript.

Building Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with React:

Now because things get easier with React, and because we can build those rich user interfaces with React and JavaScript, when working with React we often build so-called Single Page Applications (SPAs). This is because we can use React to control parts of an HTML page, let us say some interactive sidebar as shown in the below image.

Building Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with React

And therefore, we add a widget, where only a part of the page is controlled with React. It is more common to control the entire page with React.

Building Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with ReactJS

This means that means we can use React for everything we see on the screen and even for switching the pages of a website. So, when we click on a link and when we load a new page, it looks to the user as if the user switched a page but we do not request a new HTML file from some server. Instead, we just used JavaScript through React.js to change what is visible on the screen. And that often leads to a smoother UI and a better user experience.

So, it is built with React and we never request a second HTML page. Hence, it is a Single Page Application where after the initial request to decide React takes over and controls what we see on the screen.

In the next article, I am going to discuss ReactJS vs AngularJS and VueJS. In this article, I try to explain How to Build Single Page Applications (SPAs) using ReactJS. I hope you enjoy this Single Page Application using React article.

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