React Basic Module Introduction

React Basic Module Introduction:

In our previous section, we learned what React is and what it is all about. We had a first general overview of React and why we should use it.

In this course section, you are now going to dive into all the basics that you need to know to build any kind of React app. We are going to explore all the base features and most importantly, we are going to learn how to build component-driven user interfaces.

So how to build user interfaces by embracing a concept called components which turns out is embraced by React. We will explain what exactly these components are and why React Embrace the system in this section.

Now specifically for that, as we said, we are going to learn about all the base features that make up React, and all the core syntax, we are specifically also going to learn about a feature called JSX or a special syntax called JSX.

Then as we also mentioned, we are also going to learn what these components are, but most importantly also, how we can build our own components with React and how we can use them, and how we can work with them. And we are going to learn how we can work with data in React apps because most web applications are not just about showing some static text, but about outputting some data or updating some data when things change on the screen. And that is, therefore, all is what we are going to learn in this course section but also in the next course sections in general.

We do not want to teach these things by just using some boring theory or slides. We will have all the required theories but we will also build a project in this section,

React Basic Module Introduction

It is entirely built with a React and we are going to build it together for this and the next course sections. And we are saying the next course sections because it turns out that react is a bunch of core features and we will need a lot of these features in this application. It might look fairly trivial, but it actually isn’t. Once we finish this first application, you will have learned about all the important key concepts which you need repeatedly in any React app you are going to build. Now what is that though? It is an expense tracker.

React Basic Module Introduction

We can see our expenses also by year here. As we filter by year, the user interface automatically updates. it updates with a nice animation, and it shows us the expenses for the selected year. And of course, we can also add a new expense. So, this expense tracker is what we are going to get started with. And as we are going to build it step-by-step, we are going to learn about all the key concepts that one should know when working with React.

In the next article, I am going to discuss What are ReactJS Components with Examples. Here, in this article, I try to explain React Basic Module Introduction. I hope you enjoy this React Basic Module Introduction article.

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