Oracle Supplied Packages

Oracle Supplied Packages

In this article, I am going to discuss Oracle Supplied Packages with Examples. Please read our previous article where we discussed Persistent State and Cursor in Oracle.

Oracle Supplied Packages

Until now we have learned about the packages in Oracle and we learned about how to create packages. Now let’s learn about the Oracle-supplied packages in application development.

We have many built-in packages in Oracle. The built-in Oracle Supplied Packages are provided with the Oracle server. These packages extend the functionality of the database. This also enables access to certain SQL features that are normally restricted for PL/SQL.

Example: The package DBMS_OUTPUT was originally designed to debug PL/SQL programs.

Below is the list of Oracle Supplied Packages. We have many Oracle Supplied Packages. We will try to focus on DBMS_OUTPUT and UTL_FILE.

Oracle Supplied Packages:
  • HTP

The package DBMS_SCHEDULER is used for job submission.


The DBMS_OUTPUT package enables you to send messages from stored subprograms and triggers. We have already done multiple examples using DBMS_OUTPUT. We will try new examples here. We have many procedures in the package DBMS_OUTPUT. The procedures like PUT and PUT_LINE place text in the buffer. We have GET and GET_LINE read the buffer.

The messages are not sent until the sending subprogram or trigger is completed. We can use the SER SERVEROUTPUT ON to display messages in SQL Developer or SQL* Plus.

We will try to learn a few examples about the DBMS_OUTPUT and see how DBMS_OUTPUT is used effectively.

In the next article, I am going to discuss DBMS_OUTPUT Package in Oracle with Examples. Here, in this article, I try to explain Oracle Supplied Packages with Examples. I hope you enjoy this Oracle Supplied Packages article.

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