Client Server Technology

Client-Server Technology

In this article, I am going to discuss Client-Server (Database Server) Technology. Please read our previous article where we discussed why do we need Database Design.

Client-Server Technology:

Suppose, we will be having multiple client machines connected with one database server through a computer communication server or through the computer network. These client PCs are running some application programs which users are using. The application programs will have a very easy interface, a GUI interface through which the user can generate their queries, the generation of queries will remain transparent to the user to remain unaware of the fact that they are generating a query because the user is interacting with GUI environment. The query thus generated will be made available to the respective database server through the computer network.

The database server is having the full version of the database that will check the query. It will check the required data for the query processing and also it will check that which user has originated this particular query and also it will check the respective authenticity of the newer user. So, now the query will be processed at the server end. After processing, the result will be produced and that result will be made available to the respective client machine. After getting the result, the client machine will display the result in a proper way. In this way, the user can access the database but in spite of the fact that the database is not residing at the client machine or the database is not coming to the client machine through the computer communication network, all the processing will be done only at the server end, as a result of that the server should have a compatible architecture.

So, that it deals with data processing of the database and can deal with multiple clients. A network bandwidth also should be accordingly but the client machine as they are only producing the queries and getting the required data from the database as a query output and they are only displaying that one then this client machines may have the low configuration or the low-end architecture also because they are not doing the database processing which we had in our file server model. So, this is a total feature regarding this client-server model.

Client-Server Technology Diagram:

Client-Server Technology Diagram


1. Application program.
         User interface
         Presents results against database queries
         Generate queries
2. Preparation of the query will remain transparent to the application user.
3. May have low compatible architecture.

Database Server:
  1. The server responds to queries from clients, check the syntax of these commands, verifies the access rights of the user, executes these commands, and responds with desired data or error messages.
  2. The server hides the server system from the client and from the end-user, so the user is completely unaware of the server hardware and software

So, in this way the server architecture will remain will be kept hidden to the end-user and with the client user also in this way the basic theme behind this client-server model who has explained in this particular value.

In the next article, I am going to give you a brief introduction to Oracle. Here, in this article, I try to explain Client-Server (Database Server) Technology. I hope you enjoy this Client-Server Technology article.

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