Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books

Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books For Beginners and Professionals

In this article, I will provide the list of the Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books for Students, Beginners, and Professional Software Developers. If you want to start your carrier as a MySQL DBA then writing code using MySQL might be confusing for a beginner. Books are the best friend of students as well as developers and the first mode of learning new languages, and technologies and nothing can beat books when it comes to educating. It is the reason most experienced MySQL DBA recommend reading books for learning MySQL DBA. 

Combining the best MySQL DBA books along with articles, tutorials, and videos, you will get an excellent path to learn MySQL DBA. Some of the books just give an overview of various MySQL DBA concepts, while some other MySQL DBA books go into the depth of each MySQL DBA concept.

There are hundreds and thousands of MySQL DBA books available on Amazon or Internet or any other e-commerce site. And as a beginner, you might be confused to choose the right book to start learning MySQL DBA. Here, we are giving you the list of MySQL DBA Books based on the experience of Learners and Professionals. If you still haven’t put together your reading list for 2021, we’re here to help with our choice of the best-recommended books for MySQL DBA.

1. Fundamental of Database Administration: DBA

Database Administration explains and examines each of the components that comprise the discipline of database administration. The book opens by providing an overview of the responsibilities of database administrators (DBAs) along with the various “flavors” of DBAs and their tasks. From there, the book proceeds chronologically through every task a DBA is likely to encounter. Although designed as a comprehensive survey of the entire DBA environment, the book’s individual chapters are also well suited for a quick look-up of specific information.

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Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books For Beginners and Professionals

2. MySQL Concurrency: Locking and Transactions for MySQL Developers and DBAs

Know how locks work in MySQL and how they relate to transactions. This book explains the major role that locks play in database systems, showing how locks are essential in allowing high-concurrency workloads. You will learn about lock access levels and lock granularities from the user level as well as table locks to record and gap locks. Most importantly, the book covers troubleshooting techniques when locking becomes a pain point.

Several of the lock types in MySQL have a duration of a transaction. For this reason, it is important to understand how transactions work. This book covers the basics of transactions as well as transaction isolation levels and how they affect locking. The book is meant to be your go-to resource for solving locking contention and similar problems in high-performance MySQL database applications.

Detecting locking issues when they occur is the first key to resolving such issues. MySQL Concurrency provides techniques for detecting locking issues such as contention. The book shows how to analyze locks that are causing contention to see why those locks are in place. A collection of six comprehensive case studies combine locking and transactional theory with realistic lock conflicts. The case studies walk you through the symptoms to look for in order to identify which issue you are facing, the cause of the conflict, its analysis, solution, and how to prevent the issue in the future.

What You Will Learn

  1. Understand which lock types exist in MySQL and how they are used
  2. Choose the best transaction isolation level for a given transaction
  3. Detect and analyze lock contention when it occurs
  4. Reduce locking issues in your applications
  5. Resolve deadlocks between transactions
  6. Resolve InnoDB record-level locking issues
  7. Resolve issues from metadata and schema locks

Who This Book Is For?

Database administrators and SQL developers who are familiar with MySQL and want to gain a better understanding of locking and transactions as well as how to work with them. While some experience with MySQL is required, no prior knowledge of locks and transactions is needed.

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Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books For Beginners

3. Effective MySQL Optimizing SQL Statements

Written by Oracle ACE Director and MySQL expert Ronald Bradford, Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements is filled with detailed explanations and practical examples that can be applied immediately to improve database and application performances. Featuring a step-by-step approach to SQL optimization, this Oracle Press book helps you to analyze and tune problematic SQL statements.

  1. Identify the essential analysis commands for gathering and diagnosing issues
  2. Learn how different index theories are applied and represented in MySQL
  3. Plan and execute informed SQL optimizations
  4. Create MySQL indexes to improve query performance
  5. Master the MySQL query execution plan
  6. Identify key configuration variables that impact SQL execution and performance
  7. Apply the SQL optimization lifecycle to capture, identify, confirm, analyze, and optimize SQL statements and verify the results
  8. Improve index utilization by covering indexes and partial indexes
  9. Learn hidden performance tips for improving index efficiency and simplifying SQL statements

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Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books

4. High-Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More

How can you bring out MySQL’s full power? With High-Performance MySQL, you’ll learn advanced techniques for everything from designing schemas, indexes, and queries to tuning your MySQL server, operating system, and hardware to their fullest potential. This guide also teaches you safe and practical ways to scale applications through replication, load balancing, high availability, and failover.

Updated to reflect recent advances in MySQL and InnoDB performance, features, and tools, this third edition not only offers specific examples of how MySQL works, but it also teaches you why this system works as it does, with illustrative stories and case studies that demonstrate MySQL’s principles in action. With this book, you’ll learn how to think in MySQL.

  1. Learn the effects of new features in MySQL 5.5, including stored procedures, partitioned databases, triggers, and views
  2. Implement improvements in replication, high availability, and clustering
  3. Achieve high performance when running MySQL in the cloud
  4. Optimize advanced querying features, such as full-text searches
  5. Take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs and solid-state disks
  6. Explore backup and recovery strategies—including new tools for hot online backups

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High-Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More

5. Effective MySQL Backup and Recovery

Written by Oracle ACE Director and MySQL expert Ronald Bradford, Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery covers all the options with detailed descriptions and syntax examples to ensure an appropriate backup and recovery plan can be developed. Featuring a side-by-side evaluation of the various backup strategies and complementary recovery implementations, this Oracle Press book helps you to protect your MySQL data from a wide range of disaster situations.

  1. Learn how different backup strategies affect locking and system availability
  2. Identify the importance of static backup options and point-in-time requirements
  3. Recognize the important business factors to determine your optimal data protection requirements
  4. Understand the benefits of using MySQL replication for leveraging different backup strategies
  5. Understand the benefits and risks of implementing solutions with MySQL in the cloud
  6. Identify key configuration variables that affect data durability and performance
  7. Find out about the types of possible disasters and develop a robust plan to address them
  8. Optimize your backup approach with compression, streaming, incremental, and parallel options

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Effective MySQL Backup and Recovery

Here, in this article, I provided the list of Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books for Beginners and Professional and I hope this Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books for Beginners and Professional article will help you with your needs and you enjoy this Most Recommended MySQL DBA Books for Beginners and Professional article.

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