Environment Setup for C Program

Environment Setup for C Program

In this article, I will discuss Environment Setup for C Program Development step by step in the Windows Operating System. Please read our previous article, where we discussed the Structure of the C Program in detail.

Installation and Environment Setup

We need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to write the C program. Generally, IDE provides an Editor, Compiler, Linker, and Loader. Various software provides the IDE with well-supported features for developing and editing C programs. Some of the commonly used software are Turbo C, ANSI C, Borland C, etc.

  1. Loader: Part of OS.
  2. Editor: Provides a workspace for typing the program.
  3. Compiler: Perform Translations.
  4. Linker: Combine the object file into the application file (OPJ .exe).
How to Download and Install C on Windows?

To install the Turbo C++ software, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Download Turbo C++ software by using the following link:


Step 2: After downloading the application, right-click and select “Run as administrator”.

How to Download and Install C in Windows

Step 3: Continue with the installation by simply clicking “Next”.

Turbo C++ software

Step 4: Select the Destination folder where you want to install it and click “INSTALL”.

How to Install Turbo C++ in Windows

Step 5: And then click “FINISH”.

Install Turbo C++ Software in Windows Operating System

Step 6: A desktop shortcut is created which you can use to launch the application.

How to Configure Turbo C++?

After clicking on the Desktop Shortcut, you will automatically get the Turbo C++ Window with its iconic blue screen.

How to Configure Turbo C++

After the Turbo C++ is launched, the first step you need to do is to make sure that all the directories associated with Turbo C++ are correct.

In our case the directories are as follows:

  1. Include Directory: C:\TURBOC3\INCLUDE
  2. Library Directory: C:\TURBOC3\LIB
  3. Output Directory: C:\TURBOC3\SOURCE
  4. Source Directory: C:\TURBOC3\SOURCE

How to Configure Turbo C++ for Development

Now, you are ready to write your first program in Turbo C++. In the next article, I will discuss how to download and Install the Codeblocks IDE Setup in Windows for C Program. In this article, I try to explain the environment setup for the C Program.

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