Why do you need a VPN for gaming

Why do you need a VPN for gaming?

Are you an avid gamer who loves to play online with friends and strangers? Or are you looking for a way to connect to game servers on the other side of the world or access games otherwise unavailable?

Nowadays, online gaming is becoming increasingly popular. Because of this, using a VPN during your sessions is becoming essential. But why should you use a VPN for gaming?

This article will explain the main benefits of using this technology to enhance and protect your online gaming experience.

The gaming world is booming

Online gaming and gambling have exploded in recent years. What was once a niche hobby, with participants of all levels, from casual gamers to professionals, is now mainstream.

As with any other area of computing, popularity and spread also call in malicious third parties and more. So whether you want to improve your line performance during Call of Duty, protect your identity while playing online blackjack in Australia or any other country, or unlock games and servers unavailable in your geographic area, a VPN for gaming is definitely for you.

What is a VPN?

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are tools for online cyber security. These services protect your privacy by running all traffic from your Internet connection through a secure server. In doing so, VPNs prevent your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or other third parties, such as hackers and listeners, from spying on your online activity.

VPNs’ secure servers are in different countries around the world. Therefore, by connecting via VPN, you can surf the Internet as if you were in the country where the server is located, bypassing any blocks put in place by apps or services and even those imposed by firewalls and private networks, such as the one at your office or university.

By doing so, moreover, by connecting to a server in another country, you will be able to access content reserved exclusively for residents of that geographic area.

Why should you use a VPN for gaming?

Having briefly examined what VPNs are and what they can be used for in general, let’s now get into the specifics: here are some benefits you can enjoy by using a VPN for gaming.

It improves connection performance

Let’s start by debunking a commonplace about VPNs. Many users think that by using this technology, the connection slows down significantly. While it is true that VPNs can slow down your Internet speed, it is by no means a drastic reduction, quite the contrary.

Virtual Private Networks perform encryption of all your traffic and send it to the secure server you are connected to, which then decrypts it and “forwards” it to your destination, be it a site, app, or game server.

Indeed, this process can affect your browsing speed, but with one of the best VPNs of 2023, the impact is minimal, and in some cases, it can even improve the bandwidth we have available.

If you contract a 50Mbps connection with a VPN, you won’t be able to play at 60Mbps. But if your Internet provider performs bandwidth throttling depending on the activity you’re trying to perform online, with a VPN, you’ll be able to get around that without any problems.

It protects your identity

You may have never considered it, but protecting your privacy during online gaming sessions is particularly important. This is because when you play games online, users and other third parties can access so much personal information about you, your connection, and your device.

The right militate can quickly get your name, email address, physical location, and credit card number on the right game.

On public networks, then it is even worse. For example, Wi-Fi hotspots are often not encrypted or protected, so it is super easy for hackers to spy on you on an unsecured network.

Using a VPN, however, all your traffic is encrypted, your original IP address and physical location are hidden, and the publicly visible information will be that of the secure server you connect to.

It adjusts geographic blocks

Some online games use your physical location to customize your gaming experience. But, you will access different game content from other regions.

Since with the best VPNs, you are the one who selects the secure server in the country of your choice; it is the best way to access the region-specific content you need.

Not only that, but some games are also only available in certain countries. By connecting to a server in the right state, you can get an IP from that country, easily circumventing any geographic blocks.

Also, developers often release updates according to a defined roadmap. For example, rollouts are distributed first in certain countries, and by connecting with a VPN to servers in these countries, you can get the most updated versions sooner without waiting for the release date set for your state.