What Is Behind the Scenes of the Expression Anonymous Gambler in the UK

What Is Behind the Scenes of the Expression “Anonymous Gambler” in the UK?

In recent years, anonymity has become essential to our online lives. Back in the day, anything anonymous was considered shady for apparent reasons. But in a world where more than enough 3rd parties are stalking your digital data, anonymity is the way to go. It applies to everything we do on the internet. Some of us use VPNs to mask our IP addresses, while others use aliases to keep their identities secure. One central area of internet activities that go into gambling with the UK no deposit bonus and anonymity is getting progressively popular in that paradigm.

What Is Behind the Scenes of the Expression “Anonymous Gambler” in the UK?

For the most part, an online casino will try to gather identifiable information on you. It’s important to them because they need to know you’re not laundering money. Also, it’s essential for your safety because a hacker might be trying to drain your account, pretending to be you.

So far, the idea of casino anonymity doesn’t seem to go very well with online gambling. Thankfully, there is a way to safely play casino games without the risk of exposing your data. Keep reading!

What Does the Notion “Anonymous” Mean?

In a general sense, “anonymous” refers to someone unknown. An alias, perhaps. You may wish to remain anonymous when you donate. Or when you play at the best payout online casino. Or commit a crime(!) Whatever the case is, the authorities don’t take anonymity lightly if it comes with the risk of harm to any party.

As we live in the internet era, we don’t feel safe exposing our data on the internet. Especially to casino gambling sites because real money is involved. The key is to be anonymous but within the jurisdiction of the law.

For the iGaming industry, it’s only possible when you play at crypto casinos. All transactions at these platforms go through crypto wallets that don’t contain identifiable information. If you have one and use it to play casino games, you may consider yourself an anonymous gambler.

If you’re new to the industry, there’s a good chance that you’re not familiar with how crypto casinos work. In that case, let us help.

What Is a Crypto Casino and How Does It Work in the UK?

The term “crypto” is too widely used these days. But unfortunately, even people who have no idea how it works keep using this term in conversations. Crypto is the short form of cryptocurrency, an industry of its own. In layperson’s terms, cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that governments or financial institutions do not regulate.

Then it must be a scam. Or, the chances of getting scammed are very high, isn’t it? Well, no. The incredible thing about these currencies is that the users control them directly. It’s based on a peer-to-peer concept where no 3rd party is involved in any transaction.

What Is a Crypto Casino and How Does It Work in the UK?

The whole thing takes place on the blockchain. You can think of it as the internet equivalent of the crypto world. A blockchain is also a distributed ledger where all transactions are recorded. So if you send, receive, or trade any crypto at any point, you can verify it.

This is where the concept of a crypto wallet comes into play. As the name suggests, these wallets can hold crypto. These are similar to other real money e-wallets you might be familiar with. Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, etc., are some excellent examples of fiat currency e-wallets in the UK. While the end goal for both wallet types is the same, there is a fundamental difference. You must submit your name, address, bank details, and date of birth to use any regular wallet. Not very anonymous, right?

What Does the Notion “Anonymous” Mean?

For crypto wallets, however, you don’t need any of that. Once you open your account with an email address (which doesn’t necessarily contain your name), a unique wallet address is generated. Every transaction will take place against this address.

Some of the most popular crypto wallets you can use right now include:

  • Metamask
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Trezor
  • Exodus

So, you don’t have to worry about your bank details falling in the wrong hands when you use a crypto wallet. On top of that, most crypto wallets use “cryptography”, the most secure encryption method we have right now. As more blockchain-based projects are launching, the encryption protocols are also getting better.

Let’s go back to the crypto casino discussion, shall we? For the most part, if the best online casino accepts cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals, it belongs to the category. When you play casino games like online slots in those casinos, you’re not exposing any of your sensitive payment details.

However, crypto casinos still don’t guarantee 100% anonymity, as your account is subject to KYC verification. If you’re not aware, KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It’s the process where you must submit documents like:

  • Your government-issued ID
  • Proof of residence (utility bill)
  • Source of income

You must register at an absolute crypto casino if you prefer absolute anonymity. A casino that runs on the blockchain. The number of these casinos is still minimal. But if you search enough, you’ll find one.

The main difference between a blockchain-based casino is how the game results are calculated. The best online casino, the slots, and table games use an RNG (Random Number Generator). It means an algorithm is supposed to randomize the results. While this approach is safe when you’re playing at a licensed casino, you still don’t have a first-hand view of the results. You have to take the operator’s word for it. It’s the same even if the operator employs a 3rd party audit agency.

However, a casino that runs on the blockchain uses a provably fair algorithm for the games. With this approach, 2 different seeds are taken to hash the results. Most importantly, you can access the blockchain at any point and look at the results. So, if you have any reasonable doubts, you can clarify them with the casino operator with all the necessary evidence!

The exciting thing is that when it comes to casino games like mobile slots or any other RNG title, your experience will be the same. If you want to test a title before committing real money in the UK, you must check out slotozilla.com/uk/.

What Is Behind the Scenes of the Expression “Anonymous Gambler” in the UK?

This casino platform contains almost all major free slot games you can think of from around the world. All of them are available in the demo mode. The site also lists the best online casinos for different categories. This could be your one-stop solution for all your anonymous gambling needs in the UK!

Is an Anonymous Gambler Safe From the Government?

One of the main reasons you might want to be an anonymous gambler is to avoid government monitoring. While we understand the sentiment, you need to be cautious. In this case, you first need to understand the legality of online gambling in your area. For this post, it’s the UK. Thankfully, the UK government regulates all forms of gambling according to the Gambling Act 2005. The UK Gambling Commission is tasked with the regulation of the paradigm.

Is an Anonymous Gambler Safe From the Government?

So, even if you’re using crypto or any other method to become an anonymous casino gambler, you don’t have to worry about government prosecution. Not exposing your personal data is completely within your rights. You’re eligible for free spins, no deposit bonuses, and all other kinds of casino bonuses in the country.

However, in countries where online gambling is explicitly illegal, anonymous gambling is not recommended. In fact, if the government of your country has laws against any form of gambling, you should refrain from it. The risk is not worth it.

Then comes the infamous unregulated jurisdictions. Governments of many countries in Africa and Asia are yet to update their legislation to accommodate online gambling. If you’re a resident of such a country, you can gamble anonymously without the risk of prosecution. However, if local law enforcement agencies want to strictly control the money flow through gambling, they can confiscate your funds.

Some countries where online gambling is strictly illegal include:

  • Brunei
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Qatar
  • Cambodia
  • Lebanon

How to Sign Up for a Crypto Casino for Anonymous Gambling?

If you’re not a crypto-savvy person, it’s normal to feel intimidated by the thought of using a crypto wallet. Nothing to worry about on that front because we’ve got you covered. Just follow the steps below to get your crypto wallet ready in less than 5 minutes:

  1. Choose the wallet you want to use. Metamask is overall the best choice, in our opinion.
  2. You need to download the browser extension first.
  3. Once the extension is ready, click on it and create a password for your new account.
  4. Once the wallet is created, you’ll receive a backup phase. It’s ideal to note it down somewhere safe.
  5. After you confirm the backup phrase, you’re ready to roll with your brand-new Metamask account.

How to Get Cryptocurrencies for Payments at a Casino?

The transactions at crypto casinos are not the same as the ones in dollar deposit casinos. You can’t use fiat currency for a crypto account. It means opening the wallet alone won’t cut it. You’ll need to buy crypto tokens as well.

Thankfully, all major crypto exchanges in the world are available in the UK. You can buy the tokens for fiat currency by simply using PayPal or your bank account. In this case, you’re giving the exchange your bank details which will be kept safe in an encrypted server.

Most exchanges will ask you to connect your wallet to the exchange. After you buy the necessary tokens, they’ll be directly deposited into your casino account in the UK. You can now get a no-deposit bonus at the best online casino if you can successfully find it.

Here’s what the whole process may look like.

Steps Crypto exchange actions Crypto casino actions
Step 1 You open a crypto exchange account. N/A
Step 2 You connect your wallet to the exchange. You also connect your wallet to the casino.
Step 3 You buy crypto tokens for fiat money. N/A
Step 4 You receive the tokens in your wallet. N/A
Step 5 N/A You deposit the tokens in your casino account. And claim the no-deposit bonus.
Final Words

There are many possible explanations for the popularity of the expression “anonymous gambler” in the United Kingdom. One theory is that it reflects a general feeling of frustration among the British public towards the perceived secrecy and lack of accountability of the gambling industry. Another possibility is that it highlights a sense of resignation among many people who feel that gambling is an inescapable part of modern life. Whatever the reason, the expression “anonymous gambler” has become a widely used term in the UK and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon.