VR and AR: Evolution of Verified Gambling Options

VR and AR: Evolution of Verified Gambling Options

VR and AR: Evolution of Verified Gambling Options

You probably have heard a lot of things about AR and VR technologies and their links to online gambling. All we can add here is that both technologies have and will have an even bigger effect on gambling. They can make it different, more advanced, and better the lack of a better word. Let’s see how this is possible and what is going to happen.

How These Technologies Will Change Online Gambling?

All we can add is that these technologies will transform online gambling. The first one here is AR. We can use it to get much better online gambling. For instance, you can render a Roulette table or a slot machine in your room and play the game. As you can see, this is more advanced than playing a traditional live dealer game you can find today at any online casino.

This is just one example. AR can transform any reality and make it better or at least different. Some say that it will be used at land casinos as well. Their AR will be used to display jackpots, winnings and all the rest players would like to see.

Then we have VR which is going to make online gambling completely different. Using the technology you would be able to visit a full, online, 3D casino. It also allows you to keep your anonymity and many no ID verification online casinos like on NonGamStopBets are already trying to use this technology. This is similar to a website but you can walk into the casino, and interact with people and dealers. The best comparison is when you are at a land casino but you are actually in your home. 

Players would be able to ‘’travel’’ using the web and visit countless online casinos. At the same time, there is no need to worry about accommodations, paying for travel, or anything similar. It is a technology that still has a lot to advance but once it becomes available it will change online gambling completely.

Things To Know

The first things here we must reveal are the basics of AR and VR. These are not the same technology but they work in a similar way. First of all, we have AR which is more basic. It adds a new, digital layer to the real background. For instance, you can see a virtual Roulette table in your house. In order to use it, you will either need a headset or you can use a smartphone with a camera. Yes, this technology requires a camera so it has what to change. The best example of the tech is Pokémon GO and if you have played the game you know all about this tech and how it works. 

VR is a bit more advanced. It creates a completely digital world and you can ‘’be’’ in it. The best example is a virtual casino. With a headset, you can walk across the casino, talk to other people, interact with virtual things and games, or even other players. But the whole time you will be inside your home. There are a lot of games of this kind already and you can even use a smartphone to connect the headset and enjoy VR.

The Issues At The Moment

The biggest problem with both technologies at the moment is the cost. Using these technologies is possible via headsets that are expensive. They need a fast internet connection, powerful devices and so much more.

At the same time, we can see that developing an online VR casino is extremely expensive as well. Obviously, these technologies will redefine the industry, but it is not an ordinary website so many companies are moving in this way very slowly. It is so much more. Maintaining a casino of this kind would be expensive as well. 

Then we can see that not a lot of players are familiar with these technologies nor do they have a need to use on as soon as possible. They are still happy and satisfied with the current online gambling experience that offers a lot. 

All of these are issues that won’t last long. They will get sorted out and once they are, online gambling will become different and advanced.  Technology is changing fast and already we can see online casinos that have some of these possibilities. If we add that new casinos are being developed every single day we can only deduce that these technologies are closer than you may believe. Soon we can see full VR casinos on the web that will transform how you play games and how you enjoy online gambling. 

The Final Word

AR and VR are going to make online gambling better, more advanced, and more versatile. At the moment they are still new, undeveloped, and expensive to use. But this is changing fast and soon with the development of new algorithms we will see the presence of these technologies that will shape and change online gambling more than you may believe. Yes, you will be able to enjoy both of these technologies and you will probably pick one as your favorite. We believe VR is more advanced and therefore more appealing. It will probably be the winner here but AR is still going to have a huge impact and it will be widely used.