Registration Open for July 2024 Mentorship Batch

Swing and Positional Stock Trading Mentorship July 2024

New Batch: July 7, 2024, 9 AM to 12 AM, IST

Expertise and Unique Offerings:

  • Focus on Swing and Positional Trading: mentorship specializes in swing and positional trading strategies, which are particularly suitable for traders looking for opportunities to trade over days to weeks using technical analysis. How to Build a Solid, Strong Foundation for Swing and Positional Stock Trading
  • Advanced Techniques and Tools: You provide learners with advanced trade entry and exit strategies to maximize profit from trades, including the use of specific tools like Chartink scanner for stock selection and TradingView indicators for analysis.
  • Volume and Price Action Analysis: A key unique offering is your focus on volume and price action concepts. These concepts are crucial for understanding market sentiment and trends.
  • Risk and Portfolio Management: You emphasize advanced sell criteria, risk management, and portfolio management, which are critical for sustaining profitability in trading

Curriculum Development:

  1. Introduction and Foundations:
    • Basics of swing and positional trading.
    • Understanding market psychology and essential trading terminologies.
  2. Technical Analysis Modules:
    • Deep dive into chart analysis, including stage and trend analysis.
    • Understanding and applying supply and demand zone principles.
    • In-depth concept of volume and price action.
    • Finding Super Performance Stock
    • Detailed analysis of entry patterns, volume, and volatility in trading setups.
  3. Trade Execution and Management:
    • Step-by-step methods for identifying trade entry, exit, stop loss, and take profit levels.
    • Advanced strategies for trade execution to capture maximum gains.
    • Practical sessions using real-time market data to apply learned concepts.
  4. Risk Management and Portfolio Handling:
    • Techniques for effective risk assessment and management.
    • Strategies for portfolio diversification and management to optimize returns.
  5. Market and Index Analysis:
    • Daily and long-term market environment analysis.
    • Using indices to gauge market trends and making trading decisions based on market bias.
  6. Practical Case Studies and Tools:
    • Hands-on practice with tools like Chartink scanner and TradingView.
    • Case studies on recent trades to illustrate successful strategies and common pitfalls.
  7. Q&A and Continuous Learning:
    • Regular Q&A sessions to address specific doubts and issues.
    • Updates on new trading strategies and tools as markets evolve

Payment Options:

  • Course Fee: 10000 INR.
  • 100% Money back. If not satisfied after 1 month

Program Structure:

  • Duration: 3-month course with weekly sessions.
  • Language = Hindi


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  1. General Investment Risk Disclaimer:
    • “Stock trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of stocks may fluctuate, and as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment.”
  2. No Guarantee of Performance:
    • “Past performance is not indicative of future results. Individual results may vary. There is no guarantee that the techniques and strategies taught will result in profits or will not result in losses.”
  3. Educational Purpose Only:
    • “The content provided in this mentorship program is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument provided by any discussed provider.”
    • No tips
    • No advice
    • No recommendation
    • No PMS advisory
    • Only educational mentoring
  4. No Financial Advice:
    • “The mentor is not a licensed financial advisor. The information provided is based on personal experience and methodologies and should not be considered as professional financial investment advice.”
  5. Accuracy of Information:
    • “The information provided in this program is believed to be accurate; however, the mentorship program does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.”
  6. Compliance with Laws:
    • “Participants are responsible for ensuring their trading activities comply with applicable laws and regulations. It is recommended to consult with a qualified professional before making any trading decisions.”
  7. Market Risk and Online Trading:
    • “Financial markets are volatile and can decline significantly in response to adverse issuer, political, regulatory, market, economic developments, or fluctuations in Internet connectivity due to software or hardware issues.”
  8. Limitation of Liability:
    • “The mentorship program and its instructors are not liable for any damages or losses incurred from the use of the information taught in this program.”
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10 thoughts on “Registration Open for July 2024 Mentorship Batch”

  1. I haven’t come across a mentor who teaches Price action and volume as good as sir. After attending his mentorship my understanding of reading charts has become better. Most important lesson I learnt from sir is money management, trade management and psychology. His knowledge is unmatchable. Sir is the Best. His mentorship will be a turnaround in your trading journey. 🙏

  2. After taking the mentorship here is my feedback

    In depth study of each concept with example .clean ,clarity and fully understandable concept .note advanced concept so it take time to fully observe the concept.
    Teaching style is impressive with full details on chart .shared his Trade entry .management in real-time
    one to one conversion. Doubt clear in each point with many chart.
    Now I can take Trade confidently
    I got more than what I expected from this course compared to the fee
    I would recommend to take this mentorship. Note first learn basics, which is available in his you tube channel. He is only discussing advanced concept .

  3. blank
    Gaurav kataria

    Price and volume ki jo deep study apse personally and you tube par learn ki hai vo Sara jeevan saath Dene wali hai.jab main apne charts kahi post karta hu with price and volume analysis then log mujhse aksar puchte hai ki kaha se seekha itna deep learning.
    First of all thanks for this.

    Apke concept thodi si practise ke baad sikhne mein assan rehte hai.Apne meri rag rag mein price action inject kar diya hai.
    I luv learn to trade.
    Last class of trading mindset and psychology was a gem in 2022..

    Mentorship ka ye initiative acha start Kiya hai apne.
    Isse kafi traders ko apna trading edge Milega.swing trading always ek peace ful job hai.jisko aapne simple concepts ke saath aur peace ful bana Diya hai.

  4. blank

    Sir I was ready to quit trading … that time one day I watching ur you tube channel …and I find the spark and the edge which I was looking for …..then while I was trying to absorb all ur vedio…..u announced a mentorship class in 2022 …I attained the classes…..and from there my whole trading pattern changed completely…..from quiting trading I am now thinking to make it my livelihood……
    Thanks for everything…..TSM …….
    My trading become possible only for u …sir …..Thanks again a lot …sir …..

  5. blank

    After attending sir mentorship class I wanted to say this with out any second thought go for it.This is worth taking classes.You will learn from basics to high level, how to take entry and exit from a stock with proper risk management.Sir teaching is something unique which you all should enjoy it.No doubt this will be a life changing mentorship for many of us.

  6. blank

    I took Momentum positional and swing trading training. He is the best for price action and technical analysis. the best thing I like about him is he clear each and every doubt. and always deliver more what he promised. He provided all scanner and indicator with us with no extra cost. I think what he is teaching he is charging very less for it .I will recommend every one for this course with no doubt.

  7. blank

    Very well structured course . Sir ki knowledge k to khne hi kya h.. I never see such an amazing trader and mentor in my life. Every query is answered . I will be very thankful and oblige for ur mentorship.U have given me an Trading edge.
    Thank you Sir.

  8. blank
    Dr.Vishal Bhatt

    I wish I could meet sir way long back. My trading was improved a lot. But one thing I should say. Superb training. One who wants to learn technical momentum and swing trading. They should join this course. I am very thankful to sir for a great learning experience, what have u given to us is a priceless. Hats off to you sir. Thanks many many to improve my trading and my knowledge on technical analysis.i urge everyone to join this course.🙏

  9. blank
    gaurav kataria

    art of predicting day lows and day highs is of he major price action of
    learn to works in every script in stocks in indexes.

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