How to Check Google Places SERP

How to Check Google Places SERP: Things to Consider First

How to Check Google Places SERP: Things to Consider First

SERP is the first thing SEO specialists check when a website suffers problems with search systems. In the total flow of the website in SERP, you need to consider and analyze several factors. Today we’ll review these parameters and factors.

The SERP checker is not always required. However, there are three situations where a SERP checker tool will do the best job:

  • The website cannot promote to the top. As a rule, this problem concerns new sites. Old services rarely face this issue. That is why it is better for the new sites to consult a professional SERP position checker (visit to learn more).
  • Not a long time ago, a website was on the Google top. Now it has lost its positions and cannot restore them.
  • There is a need to give a site a boost. For instance, it is in the fifth position, and you need it to be in the higher ranks.
  • Do you need to guess why your close SEO competitor has higher ranks? With a convenient SERP checker online, you can easily analyze all the ups and downs of your and other sites.

So, what are the most important things to consider?

Link Representation

The most relevant ratio is the increase of the link number. In various niches, its speed varies. In general, it should be stable. The link number depends directly on the content, on the interest the other websites and services show it. Local services are less valuable than widely known or international.

The second factor is the link sources. With pro software, you will be able to analyze where you get visitors and how they find your service.

Anchor distribution is another thing to consider. Now, robots like senseless words like here, link, follow, etc. These words are also called a white anchor list.

Textual Factors

They are the most important for the search robots. At the same time, it is the key action for making the content. The factors include:

  • The frequency of keyword usage.
  • Tag highlighting.
  • Analysis of the best keyword set in the search query.
  • The length and quality of the text.

SERP Storm

Sometimes the page has all the ratios lower. That’s why you need to check the SERP itself. A good tool will:

  • Analyze the changes within 100 positions according to the key phrase.
  • The dynamics of domain movements.
  • Analyse the snippets.

This kind of analysis is complicated. In the spheres with high competition, the positions change every day.

What Should You Use to Analyze SERP?

To minimize your expenses and raise your chances for improvement, you need a good tool. We are proud to present you SpySERP – a free white label tool for your website promotion. With SpySERP, you can conduct the full and most comprehensible analysis of your site’s ratios. Easy-to-perform analysis and clear reports let you set the workflow to improve the situation.

Keep this article by hand and pay attention to SpySERP as your best way to promote your website and improve your business.