How Online Casinos Utilize Marketing

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Online casinos are part of the growth market that has seen online gambling explode – with best estimates of the industry being worth $110 billion globally by 2027.

It’s a well-known fact that an Online casino must advertise where their customers are – and that means that they are focusing on digital marketing, using platforms that are aimed at their key demographic. Online marketing makes it easier to reach the people who want to play and have the technology to do so – and helps avoid problematic laws and regulations governing advertising gambling activities in other places.

Of course, online casinos still need to be clever in their approach to advertising – with so many companies offering similar services to customers, having the right Unique Selling Point (USP) might not be enough – so what steps can they take to bring in those all-important new users?

Social Media

Social media offers companies advertising in different ways, from paid and targeted ads to a place to post and introduce new games, promotions, or updates.

Paid ads on sites like Facebook allow online casinos to be really specific about who receives their advert in feed – so that makes it easier for them to look for the right demographic and avoid putting their adverts in front of minors, for example.

X, Facebook, and Instagram are all well-used by casino companies, although not much is being done on TikTok as yet due to the large number of underage users who are not the key demographic.

Content Marketing

Casino sites need to be more than a place for access to games – the best sites provide much more for their customers. This includes all sorts of different types of content, from how-to guides, playthroughs, and rules for popular games, as well as reviews, tournament play-by-plays, and even learning opportunities.

The more good, informative, and well-written content that is available, the better the experience will be for the customer, and they are more likely to spend longer on the site. They are then more likely to trust the online casino – they know what they are talking about.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are two ways that bonuses and promotions can be considered marketing. You can use them to create adverts and content as a business, of course, which helps get customers interested if they see them.

The other option is to use affiliate marketing. Choosing influencers in various places makes a huge difference – especially if there is a special affiliate promotion code that can be used for things like free spins or deposit matching.

Clean Interfaces

With all the innovation and technology available to online casinos, there is no excuse for a clunky website that is not easy to navigate and doesn’t provide a great user experience. The way the site looks will obviously be tied into the company branding and design, but it needs to be simple to use so customers can find exactly what they want without too much effort – because they won’t want to waste their time.

Mobile Ready

Mobile phone penetration is growing globally, and more and more people are using their smartphones to complete tasks that only a few short years ago would have had to be done on a computer – and online casinos are no different.

Top companies need to be in a position to take advantage of this, and that means they need to market their apps as the best way to play games. App design should match the website, but optimized for the way a player will interact with their smartphone.

Non-Digital Marketing

More traditional advertising methods might not be as popular, but there is research that suggests it can still be effective. Print marketing (newspapers and magazines) might have a limited readership, but there are other ways an online casino can reach those who are offline.

TV ads, especially during sports games, are one of those ways. Legally, casinos can advertise ‘truthful depictions’ of gambling activities, which includes sports betting and online casinos, but in reality, it is governed and regulated on a ‘per state’ basis, with some more open to it than others.

Sponsorship is another way that online casinos can advertise outside of the digital world. Sponsoring an event, a team, or even a stadium is one way to get your name out there, but it is not something that a startup online casino company is likely to be able to manage on a limited budget.

No company can exist without customers, and digital marketing is the best way to attract new customers to an online casino.