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Do you often feel annoyed that your laptop battery does not last long enough, especially when you are out without a charger and dealing with urgent work, watching the battery drain rapidly can only be anxious but cannot do anything? If you’re using Windows 11, there are several settings you can configure to help extend battery life.

Block apps from refreshing in the background

The applications on your computer are running in the background and are working even when you are not using them. However, you don’t always need to refresh applications, especially when the battery is low, and you need to exit some unnecessary backgrounds.

Reduce the refresh rate of your display

The refresh rate is how often the image on the screen refreshes per second: the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the action on the screen. For your battery, a higher refresh rate also means more power. If you don’t need a high refresh rate, you can lower it to help save battery. Depending on your laptop or desktop, you may see different default refresh rate numbers. If you only have one refresh rate option, unfortunately, you can’t lower it.

There are also settings you can use to improve power saving mode: you can change the battery percentage when power saving mode is enabled and reduce the screen brightness when using power-saving mode.

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Windows OS starts at $7.42! Price for a Limited Time!
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