Expectations for The International 2023

Expectations for The International 2023

In the esports universe, one of the grandest events of the year, The International 2023, is eagerly anticipated. This annual Dota 2 tournament isn’t just a competition; it’s a festival for fans, players, and esports enthusiasts. It promises thrilling matchups, massive prize pools, and the emergence of new esports legends. Let’s delve into what this tournament has in store and what makes it so memorable.

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Key facts about the tournament

Dota 2 is among the most popular and competitive games in the rapidly evolving world of esports. In this game, precision and strategy combine with lightning-fast actions. One of the key aspects that attract fans and enthusiasts are team rankings. These rankings are a kind of barometer for a team’s effectiveness and their position in the global Dota 2 hierarchy.

At TI12, Quest Esports, which took the last place, secured a victory in a tense clash against Luna Galaxy with a score of 2:0. It should be noted that The International 2023 will take place in Seattle, USA, from October 12 to October 29.

The main event of The International 2023 will be held at the renovated Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, formerly known as Key Arena. The upgraded arena has a capacity of 17 to 18 thousand spectators. Valve has announced that the tournament will comprise several stages:

  • Group Stage (October 12-15): The venue will be specified.
  • Play-offs (October 20-22): Seattle Conference Center.
  • Final Stage (October 27-29): Climate Pledge Arena.

In the first phase (October 12-15, 2023), four groups, consisting of five teams each, will compete in a round-robin format. All matches at this stage will be in a Bo2 format (two wins to clinch the match, or a tie with a 1-1 score). The top two teams with the best results from each group will advance to the next phase, while the team with the fewest points will be eliminated.

In the second stage, the remaining sixteen teams will participate in single matches in a Bo3 format (two wins out of three). It is at this stage that the play-off participants will be determined.

The play-offs will be in a double elimination format: eight teams will start from the upper bracket, while eight will be from the lower bracket. All matches in this stage will be Bo3, and the final matches will be Bo5. 

Who is expected to dominate the tournament?

Several teams stand out as favorites for the 2023 tournament. PSG.LGD, a Chinese team, is consistently among the front-runners with a wealth of experience. Virtus.pro, a Russian squad, has also been grabbing attention with its aggressive gameplay and boasts an extensive winning pedigree. North America’s Evil Geniuses and Europe’s Team Liquid both possess the potential for victory, backed by experienced rosters that know how to succeed at the highest-level tournaments.

TSM, a newcomer to the North American Dota 2 scene, might spring a surprise. And, of course, Team Spirit, the champions of The International 10, will be one of the primary forces in the tournament.

Along with these favorites, it’s essential to watch out for the underdogs – they can astound everyone. Expect unexpected twists, intense battles, and memorable moments that only Dota 2 can offer.

The International 2023 promises to be a riveting contest, showcasing skill, teamwork, and an undying passion for esports. With twenty teams participating, including twelve from the Dota Pro Circuit and eight from regional qualifiers, a genuine esports festival is guaranteed.

What fans primarily seek from the tournament is top-notch gameplay and those unique, unparalleled emotions. Given the continual increase in the prize pool and spectator interest, it’s fervently hoped that the gameplay and team performances match these benchmarks.