Best 5 Online Data Science Courses for College Students in Canada & Beyond

Best 5 Online Data Science Courses for College Students in Canada & Beyond


There are many opportunities for traditional and online data science programs. This article looks at the best data science python course and options for data analytics on Coursera. Learners get to choose the platform and university for their online education.

Students applying for the best data science courses are adept at applied mathematics, statistics, and algorithms. To qualify as a data scientist, learners must acquire domain expertise and programming skills to make sense of masses of raw figures.

Best 5 Online Data Science Courses for College Students in Canada & Beyond

What Are MOOCs?

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online environment where students can sign up for free classes. It’s called ‘massive’ because there are no limits on the class sizes. Thanks to MOOCs, online learning in flexible education is available to learners worldwide and includes some of the best data science courses online.

The 7 benefits of MOOCs for global learners are:

1. Supplemental learning

2. Lifelong academic learning

3. Career development

4. Learn new skills from the best data science python courses

5. School and college preparations

6. Corporate eLearning & training opportunities

7. Refresher online data science programs

The best MOOC data science courses typically contain assignments that employ pre-recorded video, readings, discussion forums, and assessments. At the last count, MOOCs exceeded 180 million learners across all available subjects.

What Are Data Analytics on Coursera?

Universities create MOOCs, but they don’t usually distribute them. That’s a job left to internet course providers like Coursera. Students can search Coursera Courses by Goals, e.g., free courses, paid certificate/degree programs, etc., and subjects.

A broad search for ‘free course’ on Coursera displays over 1200 results. It includes the best MOOC data science programs, data analytics, and the best data science python course options. However, the online Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees for data analytics on Coursera are not free.

What Are Data Analytics on Coursera?

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#5 Best Data Science Courses Online by BrainStation

This is an online certificate program open to residents of Canada.

It’s one of the best data science python course options around. It teaches students about communities and ways to study and share information collaboratively. It also familiarizes learners with statistical analysis using Python. This structured method helps build the skills needed to apply to programmed models.

The prerequisite for this course is some knowledge of programming, preferably Python. Applicants should also have covered lessons in introductory statistics and analytics.

#4 University of Illinois MA (MCS-DS)

The University of Illinois offers a flexible online MCS-DS program. It’s for students who want to build skills in four or more core areas. The completion times are 1–3 years, with each course taking 10–12 hours per week. Graduates are competent in all the critical analytical abilities needed to boost their career prospects.

Applicants should already have a four-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

#3 York University School of Continuing Studies (Toronto Students)

Students of this online and classroom course receive two certificates. One is in Big Data Analytics and the other Advanced Data Science & Predictive Analytics. The latter builds on the first to advance the student’s abilities further. Thus, it equips graduates with the skills needed to pursue careers in advanced analytics.

Additionally, the course teaches analytics foundations, the basic and advanced methods used for analysis, and more.

#2 Professional Certificate for IBM (Free Enrolment)

This popular course provides graduates with a professional certificate. It covers all the basics and the roles of professionals in the field. Students also grasp the methodology needed to think and operate like a working scientist. Learners embrace pro-active skills using the languages libraries and tools used in the profession.

Graduates gain the following 12 skills:  Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Github, Mining, Python Programming, Rstudio, Jupyter Notebooks, Methodology, Analysis, and Pandas.

#5 Best Data Science Courses Online by BrainStation

#1 UBC | Online Programming in Python

The University of British Columbia teaches students the fundamentals of programming in Python. It’s a 100% online course that educates learners on cleaning, filtering, arranging, aggregating and transforming statistics. Students also learn how to write human-readable code and coding styles for best practices and lots more.

Summing Up Online Data Science Programs

It’s easy to find the best MOOC data science class online and free or paid courses in data analytics on Courser. The choices have never been this good or as flexible.